The Sauvignon Seduction

There are a plethora of different varieties of wines but for the purpose of this article, for Suburbia Online, I  have chosen one grape to focus on and that is Sauvignon Blanc. One of the most common and loved grapes by wine lovers, sauvignon blanc is a sure crowed pleaser.

For those beer drinkers or spirit sippers who want to try something else, Sauvignon is where to start. This is partly because if you are new to the world of wine,it is best to start with white rather than red, as red is a little heavier in general. Red is usually even more of an acquired taste. Most sauvignon blancs are very easy to drink, some go down as easy and refreshingly as lemonade. This is one reason why it is recommended that you consume responsibly.

What makes Sauvignon blanc so great?

Another reason why people love the wine produced from the sauvignon grape is because it never fails in consistency to deliver crisp, fresh, aromatic wines that effortlessly seduce the senses. This is in comparison to other grape varieties. Suburbia Online have compiled a list of our top 3 fantastic bottles of Sauvignon blanc in descending order of our preference to get you started and safe on the way to your very own Sauvignon seduction.

The image above is one of my favourite Sauvignon Blancs and it’s French.

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