The Magic of Malbec


The french have secured their place on the world wine stage and are one of the most credible old world regions for production of wine using all our favorite grapes.

However, Malbec may have originated from France but the grape didn’t gain its magic until it was transported to Mendoza.

Mendoza is the new world region that put Malbec on the map. Mendoza in Argentina  and indeed other parts of the country really nurtured the Malbec grape making it probably the most famous region of the World for the production of Malbec.

Note: Most Malbec you taste will characteristically be very smooth and soft the better the vintage the silkier the texture. Commonly infused with hints of black berries, dark fruits such as Plum.

Grape: Malbec

Year: 2011

Brand: Gouguenheim

Sight: Dark red and violet

Nose:  Blackcurrant, chocolate,

Tongue : medium body, very smooth,  well structured with minimum acidity and tannins.

Experience: Siting in a comfortable corner seat in Bach 16 by candle light on a dark evening. The atmosphere complimented the wine and the glass had a tall stem, wide bowl and a narrow mouth which accentuated the aroma and enjoyment of the  Malbec.

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