You Must Try Muscadet & Match it with Fish!

I was lucky enough to be invited by Wines Direct to an exclusive, little get-together in Dublin’s member’s club Residence on Stephen’s Green. We didn’t just get to sample two gorgeous Muscadets and tasty fish dishes; Wines Direct flew in the wine maker Jo Landron from France.


It was something special to witness the producer’s passion and to taste his wine that he spent years perfecting, working hard daily on his vineyard which compiles of land surrounding La Haie-Fouassiere in Sevre-et-Maine.


Most interestingly Jo spoke about his rather rare method of wine-making. “Bio- Dynamic wine making is founded on the belief, that the lunar energies which influence our Oceans and seas also affect the rythems of life on the terra firma”


Jo’s Muscadet, Serve-et-Maine is fruit forward and lemon fresh with a hint of minerality  and it is Sur-lie which allows the wine to develop its sharp acidity, making it the ideal match with fish. In Fact our chowder was made using his wine, and it was delicious!

Something different…

Wines Direct were delighted to welcome the arrival of Jo’s Cru Communal, the first of its kind for the company’s repertoire. Le Fief du Briel really does offer something different. It’s certainly not your average Muscadet. Le Fief du Breil ages form 14 to 24 months Sur lie and is harvested from vines  over 40 years old.


Upon taste, you notice a weightiness on the palette not usually consistent with a Muscadet, and the time ageing  creates floral notes , which adds to this interesting wine with  a long finish and good quality, it is very well balanced and I would recommend.


But take my word for it- try it yourself. Buy it here


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