Experience Italy from your sofa for less than €10 #Wine

I love Italy. It’s best, that I disclose this bias from the outset, as Italian wines hold a special place in my heart. Let’s face it, as the biggest wine producer and exporter in the world next to France, who doesn’t love Italian wines to some degree?

It is with that in mind that I’m excited to tell of how you can experience Italy from your sofa for less than €10

I travel to Italy at least once a year and have visited many Italian vineyards from the rolling hills of Montepulciano and neighbouring towns of Tuscany, to the flat vineyards of Puglia in the South , then further north to the prize region of Piemonte, sampling some of the finest wines the world has to offer. I like to think I can recognise a fine Italian wine when I taste one.

When I heard that one of my local discount stores had launched an Italian fine wine collection, I was quick to check it out, but a little unsure as to what I should expect.  I can say now after tasting every bottle in the collection, that I had nothing to worry about, Lidl didn’t let me down.

I tasted each and every one and here are the wines that really stood out, not just for good taste, but great quality regardless of the small price tag.


First up, let’s start with the whites, Vernaccia di San Gimignano 2015 €9.99 – floral and fruit on the nose, then upon taste -lemon zest, noticeable minerality, some nuts, maybe Almond? This is a very fine Italian wine with a long finish. A lovely substitute for Muscadet if pairing with Fish should you fancy a change, or simply gorgeous on its own.

Gavi di Gavi 2015 (€9.99) See Above – Almost licorice on the nose, but on second whiff I realised a more subtle, softer note of fennel, lightly perfumed aroma. And it’s delicious with balanced acidity, alcohol and body- yum!

Barbara D’Asti 2015 (€7.99) The first of the reds I liked. I would consider this a Fine Italian wine with notes of cherry prominent but for me, although good, it is a little less bodied than i personally prefer.

Barbaresco 2013  DOCG €12.99 on the other hand hit the spot, and I know it’s more than €10 but still very good value for money. This wine has notes of blackcurrant, spices and leather, it’s medium (-) bodied with lovely, gripping tannins- some hint of baked cherry on the palette too. Long finish- a very fine wine.

Valpolicella Ripasso 2012 €9.99  Dark fruits on the nose with plum and black fruit on the palette , very easy down the hatch I must say. Some baked fruit in there too with a medium to long finish…

Finally, Chianti Montalbano 2014 €8.99 this is a smooth and beautiful wine. The tannins, acidity and alcohol are all balanced creating this aromatic well structured fine Italian wine with long finish.


There are others in the range that I am still to try, such as the Barolo for only €14.99

I encourage you to experience a Lidl bit of fine Italian wine for less and drop down to your local Lidl pronto! The new Italian wine range started last week on Monday 13th and are only in store while stocks last.


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