Homemade Prosecco Pops!

The weather has me sweating! There is no better country than Ireland when the sun is out. Unfortunately the warm days we experience are few and far between and we can hardly cope with the temperatures because we are not used to the heat.

To help you cool down, I thought of a great way to keep it cool this summer. Prosseco Popsicles have made a stir on social media creating a new craze for those Calippo looking Ice lollies. The problem is, they are hard to find and are more expensive than your average ice pop. More importantly, they aren’t that high in alcohol either.  This prompted me to mess around in the kitchen with my favourite sparkling wine and the results were, eventually, delicious! Here is how to make your own homemade prosecco pops!


I had a few issues with freezing and getting the ratios correct but finally I mastered how to make homemade Prosecco pops.

What you need is:

  • Prosecco
  • Strawberries
  • Strawberries /sugar syrup (optional
  • Ice-pop moulds
  • Blender preferably, but you can mash and mix the strawberries to a pulp other ways
  • freezer



When you pour the mix of prosecco and strawberry pulp into the moulds, leave a little gap, don’t fill to the top because as they freeze, they  expand.

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