Thank you for finding your way here. I love wine. Fell in love with red when I was but a boy. I know, most start with white, but as an 18 year old (perhaps a tiny bit younger -sssh…) I tried red and really appreciated the differences between brands. It excited me.


As an eccentric teenager, who would entertain friends at my Pierre Auguste Renoir carpet picnic (A rug in a bedroom that reminded me of one of his paintings) I spoke
about the notes, legs, tannin’s and country of origin for every wine I
tasted with friends. Deciding at the time that my favourite country
was Chile for red and France for champagne ( I hadn’t been educated of
the champagne region at the time!) I fell in love and still haven’t
divorced Vevue Clicquot as my all time favourite bottle of bubbles.

After a few wine clubs, tasting courses, certificates, WSET exams and
thousands of bottles of wine guzzled, I purchased my very own wine bar
& restaurant on Dublin’s Bachelor Walk in Ireland with my friend Leeann. It was then, when I decided that I should probably document my life of wine and share it
with the world.

The flowing theme is wine, uncorked and appreciated,
but it’s all about the experience. Therefore, restaurants, hotel
lobbies, travel excursions  and the most stylish, casual, preppy,
dingy, outrageous and inappropriate ways to love wine and the people I
meet along the way will be written about . I’m having the wines of my
life and sharing them with the world, enjoy my notes in wine.

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